Finding ample time for relaxation within a hectic lifestyle

Do you always spread yourself too thin between work, home and maintaining a social life? Leaving you feeling completely drained and exhausted? Even if you happen to find time amidst your hectic schedule, it gets filled up. With an endless list of possibilities such as extra work and family commitments. Leaving no chance for any me-time? Such is the lifestyle of working professionals today. We are achieving much more than ever before, yet often at the expense of both our mental and physical health. It is natural to feel worn down and stressed. But ‘not having enough time’ is hardly a good reason to deny ourselves of a much needed period of relaxation.

Spa sessions, massages and facials are often viewed as mere indulgence, without deeper introspection of its long-lasting benefits. These relaxing sessions are an antidote to our busy lives, establishing equipoise between our mind, body and soul, restoring our health and energy so we can work and live better. So whether you only have an hour of lunchtime pampering, or a full day for holistic treatments, there are always services that would fit into your schedule. Make it a routine to incorporate these therapeutic pick-me-up sessions in your lifestyle, and you will find yourself being more productive, relaxed and healthy in the long haul.

Take time out to address the effects of your busy urbanite lifestyle at full-service wellness oasis such as Calla Spa. If you can put aside your errands even for just an hour, you will find a plethora of treatments and facilities to soothe yourself with. Let a refreshing facial restore the radiance on your face. Take a dip into the cool Jacuzzi and allow the mineral-rich waters to calm your senses. Allow the curative powers of massage therapies to ease your tense muscles caused by hours of sitting at the desk. Unwind and realign your health with a powerful foot massage. All these treatments may be tailored to suit your availability, though a holistic purification is still best experienced with a designated spa day lined up with a spectrum of focus.

The more you take care of yourself, the more you can achieve. Many corporate employees tend to neglect or undermine the importance of their wellness, failing to re-establish or maintain the harmony of body and mind that would bring about a wide array of health benefits that goes beyond the physical.

If you are contemplating a quick respite, give us a call at 6336 2552 and let us help you plan an ideal treatment to fit your busy schedule!

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