A Sanctuary for an impeccable lifestyle

At Calla Spa, we are all about the experience. Our facilities are designed to enhance your spa experience and to ensure your treatments are of maximum effectiveness. Relax at your own pace. Soak in the mineral pools before your treatment or choose to take a quick nap or catch up on the latest movie in our starry relax room. Complete your experience with a quick heat therapy in our aroma infused sauna followed by a fusion hearty meal in our white forest bistro.


A touch of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), our pools are filled with mineral water using a newly upgraded system combined with the latest original NASA ionization oxidizing system.

Immerse yourself in the hot pool to reinvigorate your circulation and ease your muscles, and into the cold pool to instantly numb your nerves and stimulate your immune system.


Relax in the aroma infused steam and sauna before your treatments to help loosen your muscles so that your treatments can be the most effective. Exposing yourself to the heat from the steam and sauna can also help release increased levels of melatonin allowing you to have deeper sleep.

Our steam and sauna is equipped with aroma diffuser and an audio system to stimulate your auditory senses while you reap the many relaxing benefits of the essential oil for both your body and mind.


Lounge about on our private lounges underneath the starlights at any time of the day. Our loungers are equipped with personal touch screen monitors and a regularly updated movie selection for your private entertainment.

Far Infrared Sauna

Our private far infrared sauna includes six pre- programmed health goal settings that can help you achieve your desired result. It also has an online wellness program that can help track your progress, as well as an entertainment system within the cabin to keep you occupied while you sweat away your toxins.

* FIR Sauna is only available in the couple suite.


Andullation is the combination of mechanical oscillation and infrared deep heat. Andullation belongs to the new generation of treatment methods based on biophysical principles. There are 5 basic operating principles through which Andullation can have a positive effect on our bodies: Energy production in the cells, Superimposition over the pain signals, Stimulation of the blood circulation, The actuation of relaxation mechanisms, Stimulation of the flow of lymp fluid. Andullation therapy not only acts on a certain organ or organ system, but rather has a positive influence on the essential functions of the organism as a whole. It lays the foundation for maintaining and restoring our health.

Private Room

We offer a private room for business meetings and private get-togethers.