Singapore’s Most Rejuvenating Wellness Experience at A Prestigious Spa

"love yourself first, and everything else will fall in place"

Our mission is to encourage maximum living through the pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence. At Calla Spa, we create a wholesome approach to help you obtain mind and body resurgence by providing a sanctuary that promotes an impeccable lifestyle paralleled by the most unrelenting standards.


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The elements of our lifestyle and wellness spa

Inspired by the allure of nature, Calla Spa has embodied and translated its charm into our identity and interior design. Using trees for its grand and mysterious characteristics as our focal theme, the entire space is seemed to be encapsulated in a dream-like forest.

By incorporating elements of nature in our earthy on-sen designed pool areas and white forest Bistro, the lifestyle spa is a mix of sleek and quirky. Lavishly renovated at over 4.5 million, our space is created to be the most extraordinary sanctuary for your most comfortable and invigorating stay.


A truly unique, luxurious and prestigious spa

The Calla Spa logo is inspired by the mythical unicorn, a creature that represents beauty, purity and grace.

Legend has it that it is impossible to capture a unicorn. This inspired us to use it as a metaphor for our constant pursuit of perfection.

Consistently striving to provide the finest ingredients, products, services and environment, we are truly committed to providing an impeccable lifestyle experience for our guests.

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Make an appointment with our staff today and let your concerns and stresses fall away. Take the opportunity to step out of your busy lifestyle. Restore your spirit and body with our help.

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